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Super Singh Ji Aaye Aa Lyrics

Written by Prince

Another tune from the motion picture “Super Singh” is out, this is the title melody, named as “Super Singh Ji Aaye Aa”. This is picturized on Desi women who have some genuine swag. Tune is sung by Sunadha Singh, Neetu Bhalla and Tarrnum Malik and it is penned around Ranbir Singh. Look at the video and verses of the tune underneath alongside English interpretation:

English importance: The man with turban and urban look, who has energy of 440 volts, Bazooka and AK 47 can’t do any damage to him, Super Singh is here. Sister, don’t fear, Super Singh is here.

Bann ke turban look vi urban

Power chaar sau chaali – 2

Na chaldi aa mure bazooka

Na AK Santali – 2

Kehdi irk di fikar tu paaye

Clamor raat ehne band bajaye

Ehne rachaya

Super singh ji aaya Singh ji aaya

Pehene darna nahi super singh ji aaya – 2

Maar ke thappi udd da firrda

Vekhe world de nazaare

Hogye taakre vich maidane – 2

Katt bunch horse

Vairi eddi thuk lgande

Sorry sad krde paunde

Feel glad kraya

Super Singh ji aaya, Singh ji aya

Lokon darna nhi Super Singh ji aya

Biba darna nhi super singh ji aya, singh ji aya

Bacheyon darna nhi super singh ji aya singh ji aya

Veero darna nhi super singh ji aya, singh ji aya


super sing melody

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